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Nimi Trehan Of Potomac Received Award of Excellence

Nimi Trehan, a long-time Potomac resident and artist was presented with an Award of Excellence for her painting, “Unwavering,” in the on-line exhibit The Spirit of Resilience presented by The Healing Power of Art and Artists, an initiative of Manhattan Arts International. The large, 40” x 60,” acrylic painting shows a stylized banyan tree of luminous greens, yellows, and blues against a blue-black background. Other flora flourishes beneath the prop roots.

Unwavering by Potomac artist Nimi Trehan recently won the Award of Excellence for an online exhibit, “THE SPIRIT OF RESILIENCE” presented by The Healing power of Art and Artists (an initiative of Manhattan Arts International)
Trehan wrote in her artist statement, "In spite of the many natural disasters that the Banyan tree encounters, it remains unwavering, sending strong stilt-like roots towards the soil, supporting tremendous growth and emerging stronger than ever. I have conveyed the beauty, strength, and resilience of this tree through scintillating light, strong linear and organic forms, variegated hues, and tactile textures." As per Potomac Almanac, "Trehan worked for many years as an interior designer at Walter Reed Army Hospital so, she said, she realizes the important part art and design play in healing. Since retiring, she is a full-time artist. She said she paints about five hours a day with a “flexible” routine. She also “forces” herself to take classes, she said. Right now, she paints with a group that meets virtually though the Women’s Caucus of Art, D.C. Chapter. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person, she said. Taking classes and entering contests are important, she said. Both are ways to share her work with others and to see work by other artists."

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