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Gallery Of 1,732 Sqft Properties For Sale At Potomac Greens In 22314 In Alexandria

It's hard not to love Potomac Greens with pics and prices like these.
$920,000 at Potomac Greens  SOLD!
  • Don’t wait until you’ve located a townhouse in 22314 to get approved for a mortgage, investigate insurance, or consider a moving schedule. Julie Nesbitt can help with the preliminary work of purchasing.
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  • The dream time to buy in Alexandria, Virginia is entirely subjective. If you find the ideal home now, don’t risk losing it because you’re trying to guess where the housing market in 22314 in the City of Alexandria is headed.
Julie Nesbitt's experience and local knowledge can make buyers aware of neighborhoods they didn't even appreciate existed in 22314 in Alexandria.

1828 Potomac Greens Dr

[$4,100, Alexandria, VA 22314]

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